Recycled products

Component of a cardboard box has aluminum and paper can be recycled into a roof plate, platform plate, paper pulp, domestic products, etc., but the outer plastic layer is a waste type that has not deployed for hundred years if it is not collected and handled the right way. Accordingly, after the cardboard box is put into a complete recycling line, the recovered pulp paper will be recycled into a carton box. The residue is aluminum core and plastic made into roof plates. Currently, an average of 8,000 used milk cartons are recycled one roof plate.

Recycled products with 100% Aluminum Plastic components are separated from the milk carton box and have many advantages:

• Durable with time and no rust;

• Ability to good heat-insulating and sound isolation;

• Environmental friendliness;

• Suitable for harsh climates and coastal areas are particularly suitable for farms where there is a high humidity environment;

Recycled products:

- Ecological roofing sheets

- Picture frame

- Paper bag

- Handbook

- Table

- Chair

- Gift wrap