Tetra Pak Vietnam

TETRA PAK is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company. Our motto, “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD®,” reflects our vision to make food safe and available, everywhere. Tetra Pak is one of three companies in the Tetra Laval Group – a private group that started in Sweden. The other two companies are DeLaval and Sidel. Tetra Laval is headquartered in Switzerland.

Our approach to sustainability is embodied by our purpose “we commit to making food safe and available, everywhere and we promise to protect what’s good - protecting food, people and the planet”.

Our purpose guides our business decisions, unifies our people, and continues to be the driving force behind our innovations. It is central to our Strategy 2030 and its four pillars of quality, sustainability, integration and optimisation, and innovation.

Our approach to sustainability takes into consideration the expectations of our stakeholders, and the environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics that are most material to our industry. At the heart of our sustainability approach, we consider the interconnections and interdependencies of five focus areas, which are aligned with our purpose and where Tetra Pak can contribute the most: food systems1, nature, climate, circularity, and social sustainability.



"One Second of Action, Environmental Protection" program

“One Second of Action, Environmental Protection” is a campaign which is initiated and launched by Tetra Pak encouraged people in society to take more small actions but it has a great significance and brings a positive impact to join hands and contribute efforts to protect and improve the living environment of the surrounding community. Environmental protection not only contributes greatly, but we also have to change the habit that seems to be very small such as reusing appliances, recycling waste, planting trees, and using cloth bags,…etc. in our daily life. Therefore, the campaign "One Second of Action, Environmental Protection " aims to encourage people to join hands to change and implement more habits and small actions to contribute to a positive impact on the environment and directly into your family life.

The Milk Carton Recycling Collection Program is part of the “One Second of Action, Environmental Protection” that Tetra Pak calls on all of us to join hands to build a green life and a clean environment. This action is small but its effectiveness and benefits are extremely great and practical. Specifically, the company actively cooperates with environmental associations and community groups in Vietnam to establish and expanding public collection points to help consumers to bring milk cartons to collect for recycling. At a community location to collect, Tetra Pak has nearly 30 locations to collect milk cartons in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City currently. At the school, the program has been implementing in more than 400 Kindergartens and Primary Schools in Ho Chi Minh City and more than 800 schools in Hanoi.

In addition to classifying, collecting, and recycling milk cartons at school, the program also aims to educate and encourage pupils and parents to classify milk cartons and other beverages at home to reduce waste and limit to leave litter into the environment.

Specifically, the pupils were instructed on how to handle the milk carton like putting straws in boxes, crush, put a sticker on the mouth of the box, and put it in the right place. Then, the milk carton boxes will be implemented periodical collection bi-weekly by NHC Social Enterprise (in Ho Chi Minh City) and Lagom Co., Ltd. (in Hanoi) which are partners of Tetra Pak Vietnam and they will transfer to Dong Tien Binh Duong Paper Factory which is a partner of milk carton recycling of Tetra Pak to recycle the other useful products such as industrial paper and roof plate, ecological flat plates, etc.